Rising Waves of Resilience: Japan’s Unexpected Heroism Amidst the 2024 Tsunami.

We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them. While the whole world was celebrating New Years with their loved ones with enthusiasm. Japan prepared for its another unexpected occurrence- Tsunami 2024.

Japan is a developed country with a great power, and one of the largest economies. The country is known for its most frequently hit by local and distant tsunamis.

Tsunami research has been developing in Japan, because the country suffers tsunami disaster frequently in comparison with other countries.


A 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck central Japan on Monday afternoon. The Japan Meteorological Agency reported more than a dozen earthquakes in the Japan Sea off the coast of Ishikawa nearby areas shortly after 4 pm.

Buildings collapsed, trapping residents, and fires broke out – but tsunami warning lowered after series of major earthquakes in Japan.

Its great how the citizens overcame the tsunami together on an auspicious day of the year. They have set an example for the world and resembled unity of their country.

-Sakshi Pandhare.

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