Money Can’t Buy Happiness……?

– Rutika Chougule.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness……?

I dont know who have written this quote but I think the person who have written it have not seen the people working just to LIVE, to fulfill the needs and get rid of the responsibilities. I think he haven’t seen the tired faces of people travelling in the bus back home, he haven’t heard the conversation of an artist with himself he have to buried art inside him just to fulfill needs of the family, he haven’t seen that sweat drop of a person who works on the construction site, he haven’t seen a woman working as a labour with her child on the back.

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Despite working for 12 to 14 hours all they can afford is just basic food.

They are tired of working for no rewards, tired of working so hard but cannot even afford good standard of living, they are tired of working without rest, they have no weekends as such. Most of these people don’t even like what they are doing right now but they have no other option left because they have responsibilities and nothing works without money.


Everyone have dreams but every dream comes with the cost even if they run behind their dream they have to pay cost and till they meet that cost the life comes to an end and no one even will assure that the dream will come true.

People say they are not risk takers but who will tell them that when responsibilities and bad times attack simultaneously theirs no other choice left but to kill dreams accept the situation and move on. Rather, who loves working in a place which is never their interest? But circumstances can make us to anything and gradually this becomes habit. After a time these people stop dreaming too.

(pictures for reference only)


It’s not that they don’t have any wishes even they dream of having peace in their life and release the Sigh of relief from all the responsibilities and the worldly problems, buy things without looking at price tag, afford good quality education and so many things but in reality it’s not the case.All of their life gets spent only to meet the basic needs of the their family. There’s no place left for the luxury and dreams to be real.

To conclude I can say one thing, for the person who have money for him ‘money can’t buy happiness’ but for the person who don’t have money for him ‘money can definitely buy happiness’.

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